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It seems like our natural instincts as humans now are to survive and maintain a positive mental state no matter what life decides we are strong enough to handle. Often, we find happiness in our people and sometimes material things, but the real happiness springs from experiences and memories we build especially when traveling and here are a few reasons.

1. Brings you closer home

For the massive amount of people living across seas and in faraway countries, traveling to their homelands and reconnecting with families can always bring a smile to their faces. Although you grow attached to your place of residence, walking down the streets of your childhood and former life is a nostalgic journey that pulls you back into memories you might have forgotten. In this case especially, it sometimes feels like you didn’t only cross timezones but also traveled back in time.

2. Journey of self-discovery

If not traveling to visit family, traveling for the sole reason of discovery is another way you can put your mind at ease. Solo travelers get the chance to lose themselves in entirely new experiences in extremely different settings without the company of familiar faces. Traveling alone is a journey of self-discovery and enlightenment where you get to know what really makes you happy on your own and what doesn’t as well as tap into what limits you set for yourself and which ones you decide to break free from. Plus, spending time alone increases creativity, productivity and maintains a healthy mental state!

3. Strengthens relationships

If traveling alone doesn’t suit you, then book your tickets with your friends or partner for a chance to step up your relationship game. Experiencing new and bizarre memories with people you love gives the new country you’re discovering a new sense of familiarity which might help you be more confident in leaving your hotel room and wandering around. This is also an enormous opportunity to get to know your friends better and strengthen your bond with them.

4. An eye-opener

Meeting and interacting with people from your travels offers you a new perspective on the world. Exploring different cultures and lifestyles provides you with a chance to learn something new about the world or about yourself. By honing your communication skills, you directly increase your confidence and willingness to be more available in social settings; the prime place for memories to be created and for you to get inspired!

5. Speak another language

The sense of familiarity is essential to keep your mind at ease and by this we don’t mean adapting to a routine. Instead, you might choose one country as an escape from your daily boring routine and you grow accustomed to the culture and traditions of the other country. By frequently visiting, you will probably start getting more and more familiar with the native language, cuisine and much more; giving you a new sense of identity and a refreshed mental state.

6. Stress? We don’t know her

Last but not least, finding the time to travel and let go for a little while of the constant pressure of work and the many due dates and assignments is guaranteed to make you happy. Your mental state in your trips and travels doesn’t necessarily decline once you’re boarding the plane back, but their affects of happiness stay for a long time after you went back to your daily schedule!
Finding happiness in people and objects is always a great relief after a bad day, but imagine going with those people or those objects and traveling the world. Wouldn’t that make you ten times happier?

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