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There are lots of beautiful destinations in the world and we only live once right? So, traveling around the globe is the most logical decision. The problem is: we don’t always have the money to do so.

We usually save money for a rainy day but we sometimes forget that we also need the money for a sunny vacation at the Maldives. A saving account is an option, but we also have to consider the more economical decisions we might take in order to make our travel less expensive but just as fun and exciting.

Decision #1: Don’t underestimate the financials

When it comes to staying within a budget, it is important to shoot for what you can afford and not fall in love with a destination before researching well about it and its standards of living. Do your homework and find suitable destinations before you pack up your bags and go to explore them.

Decision #2: Book your tickets way before the trip

It is always a smart decision to book weeks before the actual trip because it will be less expensive. Wherever your destination might be, saving up the difference in ticket prices might be the same money you add to your savings to enjoy your trip more with the people you love.

Decision #3: Planning, planning and more planning

When you’re on a budget, it is essential to know an estimate of how much your trip will cost. From accommodations to tours, you will build a clear sense of direction when it comes to your spending. Compare hotel prices, check out your desired touristic places online and build your plan. On top of that, don’t forget to pack everything you might need. This way, your stay within budget when it comes to necessities and you don’t have to shop for things you have right inside your backpack.

Decision #4: If you don’t cross seas, take the wheels

In some cases, your destination might be a long, exhausting road trip away. Those trips in buses or trains might take a couple of days but their price is usually a fraction of the plane ticket’s price which makes it that much more convenient to just ride a bus instead. It takes longer time to reach, but it keeps your budget tight and secured.

Decision #5: Transportation at a cost

While at your trip and depending on the location, public transportation or renting a bicycle will allow you to save some money instead of renting a car for the time you’re staying. It not only helps you stay within budget, but also helps the environment!

Decision #6: Sharing is caring

Instead of traveling solo on a budget, you might consider the option of traveling with a friend or a group of friends and agreeing to split the bills for food and accommodation.

Decision #7: Don’t eat up your money

Instead of dining in everyday at a restaurant that is conveniently next to your place of accommodation, try hitting up the local markets for the chance of an authentic cultural experience where you meet and interact with locals, try seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as enjoy traditional dishes the right way. Another way to save up money is to try street food; cheaper but just as yummy!

If your bucket list includes a couple of points that involve traveling, make it your goal to start putting aside money to see the world. Once you book that ticket and make the first cheerful decision, don’t loose focus and stay on track and most importantly, stay within budget!


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