July 1st, 2022 Posted in PC Errors

It seems as though the freezing when using JEI may be related to Ender IO integration with the mod. This appeared at the bottom of the log which I checked right after I froze when using JEI, so it’s most likely related. A system restore is where the computer’s operating system is repaired in a way that reverts the computer settings and files that were saved in the restore point. If you disable the overclocking setting in your computer’s system, you may prevent your computer from restarting when gaming. You want the entire computer to be cool, including the heatsink.

  • For a windows guy and a beginner in Linux, I would recommend installing htop instead of top as it is easier to operate.
  • On the graph, you can see what event triggered the freeze.
  • You can shut down your iPhone or iPad through Settingstoo.
  • Now press Win + R again and enter gpupdate /force to force update policy.
  • To do this it’s helpful to use the router manual provided by your provider.

They are linked to this page, so hopefully they will be able to pop over here & see this as-well. Not sure if this issue is related, but is nice that it only froze the game, and not the entire computer here though. I was playing with settings on high, and at 1080p. I have a fairly high-end PC, and my friend isn’t far behind. Like I said in an earlier post, we also got much better performance when we played All the Mods 3 (also 1.12.2) last year. I’m playing Enigmatica 2 version 1.61, and my memory usage frequently reaches over 90%.

Causes Of The Pairing Issue

Microsoft Store often encounters connectivity issues due to incorrect date and time settings. So if you are facing loading/connectivity issues on your machine, you should first verify if it is set to the correct date and time. If it is not, follow the below steps to sync your system with the present date and time. Click on one of the apps in your Task Manager and press Son your keyboard until you find a process labeled “Start”. Windows 10 is infamous for preventing updates within certain apps and software.

Your Main Antivirus Solution

But if it is every game, he can help you here. I read the article but idk which of these fall into my problem. I https://blog.windll.com/ know I can see my saved data, but it doesn’t show that “crack” in the file when a file gets corrupted. I see now it is most probably the internal hard drive. Finally, if that doesn’t work still, less possibly it’s the graphics card, but I don’t suspect it here. If it works for some time then freezes as you described, it means the CPU is overheating. You need to make sure you cleaned EVERYTHING in the PS4, including the air outlets.

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